The Sharjah Art Gallery at The American University in Cairo promotes engagement with the visual arts in an educational context. It addresses a broad community including AUC students, faculty and staff, the greater Cairo community, and the national and international art community.

Drawing upon the resources of a leading research university, the gallery is dedicated to an exhibition practice that is build on interdisciplinary discourse from the perspective of the visual arts. The exhibitions at the gallery are conceived as laboratories for experimentation with various forms of display and debate in order to reflect on the conditions and potential of artistic education and practice in the region today.

The exhibition program at the Sharjah Art Gallery is divided into three sections:

  • Student shows showcasing the production and intellectual reflection of the AUC Department of the Arts

  • Archival exhibitions set within a contemporary and educational curatorial framework

  • Solo exhibitions which promote emerging and established artists through the production of new work and the exchange with the AUC community 

General guidelines for exhibitions and projects at the Sharjah Art Gallery

- All exhibitions and projects connected to the Sharjah Art Gallery should have a strong educational component, for example through the incorporation of student works or workshops with the exhibiting artists. The results of these workshops should ideally be part of the exhibition itself.

- All exhibitions and projects should have a strong contemporary perspective, i.e. to approach their subject matter as a means for an intellectual discourse and cultural practice relevant for this place and time.

- Besides providing space for the display of student works, the gallery mainly focuses on emerging artists, specifically but not exclusively, from the region.

- Monographic exhibitions and retrospectives do not fit the gallery profile, unless they provide a direct educational approach or contemporary perspective to the material on display (for example through workshops).

- All exhibitions and projects should aim for utilizing the resources of other AUC departments, for example by inviting other faculty members for lectures or panel discussions. This is to encourage interdisciplinarity and to reach out to students and faculty members outside of the AUC arts department.