Part of AUC_LAB#2

April 26, 8pm: Hassan Khan concert – Taraban – Falaki Theater

The starting point for this set are two early twentieth century Egyptian songs by Youssef El Manialawy. Khan has worked with classical arabic musicians (Oud, Qanoun, Violin and Riqq) and singers to lay down melodic patterns developed from the modes and transitions used in the original songs to produce a new re-articulation of these pieces. The multi-tracked structure is mixed and treated live in relation to improv on a feed-backing mixer. Khan uses a battery of feedbacking mixers, filters, processors, laptop manipulation, virtual synthesizers and live mikes in tandem to pre-composed and recorded sections. All the music is original and live, no samples or loops are used.

Hassan Khan, Preparing for a concert of The Big One2009 in Palermo. Photo by Mariaangela Insane