led by Hassan Khan and Nida Ghouse

Participants: Maha El Banna, Mena El-Shazly, Nada I. Fathy, Nathalie Loutfi, Nour Ibrahim, Reem El-Maghraby, Sherin Sabry

Part of AUC_LAB#2

Hassan Khan, 17 and in AUCPhoto of original performance: Graham Waite, Courtesy of the artist and Chantal Crousel Gallery, Paris

Hassan Khan and Nida Ghouse will conduct a seminar with students at AUC in which they will look back at Hassan’s oeuvre as an artist, musician and writer, and consider three crucial junctions in the development of his practice.

One of Hassan’s works that will play a major part in the discussion, but will also be used as a device to structure the three sessions, is 17 and in AUC. For 17 and in AUC, a work from 2003, Hassan constructed a soundproofed one-way mirrored room in which he sat for four hours every night over two consecutive weeks. While drinking beer and smoking cigarettes he spoke to an audience he could neither see nor hear about his teenage years between 1990 and 1995 at the American University in Cairo.

The following year Hassan published a document titled 17 and in AUC – the transcriptions, which comprised every audible word he uttered during that 56-hour performative action. The seminar will also draw into the discussion insights from an event called 14 Proper Nouns that Hassan and Nida did at the Delfina Foundation in London in 2011.