Windows and Mirrors, Selected Photography Projects by AUC Students from the Departments of Arts and Journalism & Mass Communication

Curated by Heba Farid, Ronnie Close and Kaya Behkalam

Exhibition 3rd March - 13th March 2014, Sharjah Art Gallery, AUC New Cairo Campus

The medium of photography can often be a reflexive one with the maker drawn to or imagining photographic subjects. Our compulsion to make images can be thought of as an opportunity for an encounter or meeting (window) and/or a reflection of the self (mirror). The student projects in this show were developed over a short period and relate to this questioning process. The camera can be a passport to experience of a place or the realization of self-image. Through this prism the viewer is invited to enter into this visual interplay between maker and subject.

With works by: Aya Youssef + Diana Kostandi + Deena El Safty + Diana Saleh + Dina El Abou + Farah Fayez + Gloria Botros + Hana Kheiashy + Ines Al Laban + Lama Aboushair + Jaida Naguib + Manal Sayed + Maria Hanna + Marina Ibrahim + Nadia Abou El Dahab + Nawara Shoukry + Noha Oweida + Pacent Hassanein + Raghda Sakkijha + Rama Taher + Sarah Eweda + Sara Hassan + Shams Adly + Yasmin Hashem + Yasmine Khalil + Yasmin Ouf + Youstina Ibrahim

Exhibition Opening: 3rd March, 1-2pm Sharjah Gallery
Panel Discussion with Heba Farid, Ronnie Close and Brian Conley: 10th March, 1-2pm Sharjah Gallery